In the heart of Old Rodez, Emmanuelle and Jean-Luc FAU, welcome you in a comfortable modern room, ornamented by delightful and “handmade” culinary blend of colours; and extended when you arrive by a pleasant outdoor dining area which gives you a view on the pedestrian and green Embergues place. Trough seasons, they create only for you a market cooking made of tradition and imagination, a mixture between our country roots and modernity. A perfect match… In their thirties, they both discovered a common passion: cooking. They shared the same concerns about their client’s satisfaction and happiness. A bond was born and with it the desire to share their love for cooking. While Jean-Luc learned to cook first, Emmanuelle followed up by learning oenology. While Jean-Luc created the paintings on the wall, Emmanuelle earned a degree in Art History and Fine Art… A perfect match indeed.

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All regions of France are represented on our map but we share the beautiful south-west and Languedoc-Roussillon. This is no mere “obligation” pseudo regionalist but because we are the most surprising encounters, there thus to make discoveries and diversity that we find wines that “get along well “with our dishes (perhaps because of a southern accent …). Many of our wines are organic wines and we offer “nature” that we love.
We tasted many wines and choices are first on our personal tastes (which we can do better “live” with them), their ability to fit in with our kitchen and complete our order able to satisfy the different aspirations of our customers (for those who have a clear idea of ​​who they want to drink). The card has 350 references (including 50 to 60 half bottles) and we offer between 10 and 15 wines by the glass

  • vin_pouillydume-tracy
    AOC Pouilly-Fumé

    “Château de Tracy”

  • vin_dilettante
    AOC Bourgeuil

    “La Dilettante” de Catherine et Pierre Breton

  • vin_sorcieres
    AOC Côtes du Roussillon

    “Les Sorcières” du Clos
    des Fées

  • vin_albinie
    AOC Marcillac

    “Domaine de l’Albinie” d’Alain Falguières

  • vin_aveyron-rols
    Vin de Pays de l’Aveyron

    “La Coccinelle” de Rols 12320 Conques

Oeuvres de chef

Chef du restaurant Goûts et couleurs, Jean-Luc Fau est aussi peintre, ce qui lui permet de croiser avec créativité les deux champs artistiques. Un travail qu’il décrit dans ce recueil de recettes et ici dans cette galerie.

Goûts et Couleurs


Our produc-tors

They provide exceptional products


  • Virtual tour


    Thanks to photographer Daniel Bruel, can now walk virtually in Rodez. Following the green circles you visit the same restaurant, even in our kitchens !

    >Virtual tour

  • Restaurant opening


    Goûts et Couleurs est ouvert l’été du mardi midi au samedi soir fermeture pour congés d’automne du 2 au 19 septembre

  • Portraits from Aubrac

    2012 july

    Jean-Luc FAU exhibits his “portraits Aubracs” until August 25 to magazin “Laguiole knife”, 3 rue Penaveyre to Rodez (at the foot of the cathedral) 05 65 68 69 31

    > Discover

  • A new interior


    Emmanuelle and Jean-Luc FAU have redesigned the layout of the restaurant, in collaboration with the designer Thierry Carel, in a contemporary, bright and intimate atmosphere where pleasure and serenity are the key words. A new atmosphere that resonates with recent works created for the occasion chief.

  • Product at the moment

    2012 september

    Fennel Port d’Agres served dessert, fennel confit aus red fruit, ice cream almond and rose water spray button peppers

  • All new, all beautiful


    Review the layout of the restaurant allowed us also modernize all of our media, maps to website. With Artistic Director Benjamin Granié we wanted to start / extend the experience of the restaurant in a site simple, complete, immersive and ergonomic to meet new technical requirements

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Infos pratiques

Goûts et Couleurs

38 rue de Bonald, 12000 Rodez
Phone +33 5 65 42 75 10

GPS :  Latitude : 44.3524069
Longitude : 2.576427599999988


From January to May and September to November :Tuesday evening to Saturday evening included

From June to august and December : Tuesday evening to Saturday evening included


3 weeks in March and two weeks in early September

Where to stay ?

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  • TOUR MAJE, +33 5 65 68 34 68, Hoteltourmaje.com
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HOTEL DE CHARME 5 minutes by car

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